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Similar Species Guide

Mile-a-minute vines are easily distinguished from other vining plants by their triangular leaves, distinctive prickles or barbs, and large, obvious ocrea (see species identification page for photos of these traits).

Other plants, particularly other vines, may be confused with mile-a-minute. Please use the guide below to help identify other vines which are generally native, non-invasive species. For advice and information on how to manage these plants in your garden or yard, contact UConn’s Home and Garden Center or your local County Master Gardener’s Program.


Silhouette of leaf*





Common Name

Scientific Name

no no no Oriental Bittersweet**, Native Bittersweet Celastrus orbiculatus, C. scandens
yes no no Halbred-leaved tearthumb Polygonum arifolium

yes no no Arrow-leaved tearthumb Polygonum sagittatum
no no yes Wild Morning Glory, Wild potato vine lpomoea purpurea, I. pandurata
no no yes Swallowworts Vincetoxicum sp.
hairy stem no no Hogpeanut Amphicarpa bracteata

no no yes Grape Vitis sp.
no no no Field Bindweed Calystegia arvensis

no no no Hedge Bindweed Calystegia sepium

no no twining Climbing False Buckwheat Polygonum scandens
  Hairy Stem no yes Bur cucumber Sicyos angulatus
YES YES NO Mile-a-minute vine/Devil's tearthumb Persicaria perfoliata

*Not to scale. Example only
**Note: other invasive species.


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